Unleash the Power of SCANIA with Hualong's Cabin Lifting Cylinder

Unleash the Power of SCANIA with Hualong's Cabin Lifting Cylinder


Introducing the Cab Cylinder (1354889)

Are you looking for a reliable solution for your truck's cab tilting system? Look no further than the Cab Cylinder (HL-g2111 1354889) . This product is designed to meet the specifications of large size trucks, similar to European standards.

The Cab Cylinder is a crucial component of the hydraulic system used in most trucks. With the engine located directly underneath the driver’s cab, accessibility is key. The Cab Cylinder ensures this by retracting to initiate the tilting process of the driver’s cab. Once the cab reaches its end position, the cylinder holds it securely, providing safe access to the engine compartment.

But that's not all. The Cab Cylinder also establishes a static connection between the chassis and the cab. During driving, the cylinder compensates for relative movements between these components, thanks to its lost motion system. This ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, regardless of the road conditions.

The Cab Cylinder (HL-g2111 1354889) is not just for trucks. It can be used for various industrial purposes, including electric pumps, hand pumps, and latches. With a maximum pressure of 380 kgf/㎠, and a range of lengths and strokes to suit different applications, this product offers versatility and reliability in one package.

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Don't compromise on the quality and efficiency of your hydraulic systems. Choose the Cab Cylinder (HL-g2111 1354889).  Contact us today for more information.