Three points to teach you how to do seasoning for trucks

Three points to teach you how to do seasoning for trucks


Three points to teach you how to do "seasoning" for trucks

The truck is well maintained to drive with confidence!

The truck has to be maintained every year. Of course, instead of replacing all the components, it can save the province and maintain some key components. Let ’s see how to distinguish them.

You can save:



Antifreeze is usually replaced within 2 to several years. If the liquid has not changed color within two years, and the color has not changed, it should never be replaced. Of course, a temperature check would be even higher.


2.Steering booster oil

Steering power oil is the same as liquid. It is mainly used for inspection, but there is a filter assembly in the tank, which should be replaced.


3.Gear oil

The replacement cycle of gear oil for heavy trucks is one year or 100,000 kilometers, and the square feet of light and medium trucks are slightly shortened, so it should not be specially replaced during the entire season correction.


Unable to save:

1, engine oil

Winter oil is a thinner, usually 15w-40 or 10w-30 (Xikang Fukang, etc.), so the engine resistance is very low once it starts and it is easier to start. Oil can also reach the lubricating element higher and reduce dry friction time.


In the summer, the oil is thick. Due to its high oil resistance, it is difficult for the starter to drive the engine to the initial speed, which makes it difficult for the engine to start. Frequent starts can also damage the cab pump. In addition, due to the poor fluidity of the oil, it is difficult to successfully obtain lubricating elements in a short time at the beginning, which leads to extended dry friction time and even damages the cab titling pump. Just change.

Three points to teach you how to do seasoning for trucks

2.Filter assembly

The filter assembly was originally replaced with oil, but many old drivers do not modify the filter element! Needless to say, the role of the filter assembly is blocked. In this case, the bypass valve is often opened, which causes the oil to enter the lubrication half without filtering. In other words, the bypass valve is blocked, causing lubrication failure. in sight!


The diesel filter assembly should even be modified. OK in hot weather. It is unwise to be exposed to water at first. Just put the oil in the pump. If there is water in winter, it will freeze and the pump oil will not work!


Inspect the filter and simply replace if dirty, use if dirty.



3.Drying box


The drying box filters the water in the gas path. There is water in the air path, which is not felt in summer. Unless the car is replaced within one year, the drying box must be replaced to ensure safe driving.


There are a few mouthfuls in the drying box here. Cooling of the gas path does not simply mean that the pipeline is frozen. Cannot provide relatively little air to the duct. It's very easy to find. What you need to look for is the internal cooling of the air brake cylinder. When icing, the handbrake cannot be loosened or braked when the brake is pressed, which seriously affects the driving safety.



To check:

  1. Tire pressure. When the weather is cool, tire pressure usually decreases. This should be appropriately supplemented.
  2. Wheel maintenance. Specially inspects constraints and Abs equipment probes. Do not maintain after not taking photos. At this time, you are too lazy to try maintenance. Skilled workers are too lazy to dry them. Tune.

If the hub shaft is lubricated by gear oil, you may also want to check the hub gear oil, which is usually replaced within 3-5 kilometers.

Winter is approaching and there are more and more slippery roads, so you want to have a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle's steering, braking and turning systems.

In addition, the chassis, suspension and tires need to be checked, and the engine oil and hydraulic oil that need to be replaced need to be replaced in time. Especially the engine of the car should be carefully checked, if any problems are found, they must be repaired and dealt with in a timely manner. 10 million roads, early in safety.