The comprehensive service level of China

The comprehensive service level of China


The comprehensive service level of China's major ports remained stable in April, and the collection and distribution of Shanghai Port resumed in a stable and orderly manner.The ransportation of european truck parts,cabin pump,cabin cylinder will be resumed

Recently, the Shanghai Shipping Exchange released the average berthing time and berthing time of ocean-going international container ships in major ports around the world in April. Time in Hong Kong increases.


Among the top 20 ports in the world in terms of container throughput, China occupies 9 seats. The data shows that in April, the average time in port and berthing time of ships in Chinese ports were 1.80 days (1.78 days in the previous period) and 1.07 days (1.10 days in the previous period), which was basically the same as that in the previous period, and was better than the average of ships in other 11 major foreign ports. Time at berth in port.


Among them, the average time in the port of Shanghai was 2.12 days, a year-on-year decrease of 34.0%. The major ports in the western United States have a longer average time in port. The port time of Los Angeles and Long Beach are 7.80 days and 6.98 days respectively. The average stay time of other European and American ports also showed an upward trend. Among them, the average stay time of ships in New York Port and Hamburg Port was 3.88 days and 4.19 days respectively, an increase of 67.2% and 92.2% year-on-year respectively.


"Shanghai Port is the largest container port in my country. Ensuring the normal operation of Shanghai Port is an important link to ensure a smooth and stable logistics supply chain. At present, Shanghai Port is receiving and unloading ships normally, production has grown steadily, collection and distribution have resumed smoothly and orderly, and hub functions have been It's running well." Li Guoping, director of security at the Ministry of Transport, said in an interview with reporters that in April, Shanghai Port completed a container throughput of 3.085 million TEUs, which was 82.4% of the same period last year, and Shanghai Port's container throughput has recovered to 80% of last year's. From January to April, a total of 15.348 million TEUs were completed, a year-on-year increase of 1.8%. Since May, the container throughput of Shanghai Port has continued to maintain a good momentum of recovery growth.


Li Guoping said that according to the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the Ministry of Transport gave full play to the role of the State Council's work mechanism for ensuring smooth flow of logistics, and took the following positive measures to ensure the smooth flow of freight in Shanghai Port:


The first is to establish a special class for ensuring the smooth flow of water transportation. Carry out daily dispatch for Shanghai Port, strengthen regional linkages, adhere to "one case-by-case coordination and one case-by-case handling", and make every effort to coordinate and ensure the smooth operation of Shanghai Port.


The second is to make every effort to ensure the all-weather operation of the port. Before the closure of Shanghai’s district, Shanghai Port had arranged for 20,000 employees and operators to enter the port in advance, and implemented closed-loop management to maintain 24-hour uninterrupted operations. In response to the operation characteristics of Shanghai Port during the epidemic, measures were taken to strengthen the stockpiling rate of reefer containers of cabin pump,cabin cylinder and dangerous goods containers, and the stockpiling capacity and operation efficiency of the port have been maintained at a good level.


The third is to ensure the shipping capacity of Shanghai Port's foreign trade routes. Guide COSCO SHIPPING and other cabin pump,cabin cylinder companies to increase investment in guaranteeing routes, flights and shipping space calling at Shanghai Port, and increase the amount of space put in for online booking in the spot market, so that container capacity and space are more adequately guaranteed, mainly to provide space and flight guarantees .


The fourth is to gradually smooth the collection and distribution of highways. That will fasten the quick delivery of cabin pump,cabin cylinder.The SIPG electronic epidemic prevention pass has been promoted and applied in a timely manner, and more than 800,000 copies have been issued so far. Coordinate and solve the problem of poor circulation in a timely manner. At present, the number of trucks entering the port in Shanghai Port has risen sharply to more than 20,000.


The fifth is to speed up the promotion of "public to water" and "public to iron". Give full play to the advantages of the water network in the Yangtze River Delta region, coordinate inland river ports and railway freight stations, and guide the increase in the number of feeder ships and railway transportation. In April, the water-to-water transfer in Shanghai Port accounted for 65% of the port's collection and distribution, an increase of 13.5 percentage points from March.


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