How to avoid Scania oil pump damage, what are the maintenance tips

How to avoid Scania oil pump damage, what are the maintenance tips


       Scania cab pump need to be purchased according to the model of the vehicle. Pay attention to the quality of the products, so even if the price is slightly higher, we are more willing to purchase regular cab pump. For the truck driver, the damage to the oil pump is even more serious, which may also lead to some hidden safety hazards. Therefore, it is very important to do good oil pump maintenance on a daily basis to avoid some accumulated injuries.

        First, you should master the timing of refueling

        If you want to ensure that the Scania oil pump can be used for a longer period of time, you still need to ensure that the fuel is well supplied. This can ensure that the vehicle runs normally while avoiding the failure of the oil pump. It is recommended not to wait until the fuel warning light is on before starting to refuel, because the oil level of the oil pump is too low, the temperature will rise, and it may even cause the oil pump to burn out. Generally, it is recommended to refuel when the oil meter displays 1/4 to prevent problems.

        Second, maintenance needs attention to details

        For daily vehicle inspection and maintenance, it is still necessary to determine whether there is a problem with the oil pump, because many serious problems are caused by minor faults. Therefore, if you find that Scania cab pump have problems during routine maintenance, it is recommended to perform maintenance and Processing, so that we can really be guaranteed.

       Trucks must perform basic maintenance work on a daily basis. Only in this way can hidden safety hazards be avoided. Once the fuel pump is burned out, the vehicle may not be controlled, which will definitely have a serious impact. Therefore, it is very important to carry out regular inspections of the cab pump and do a good job in basic treatment. Only when the oil pump is maintained normally, problems can be solved in time to ensure safety.