SCANIA Cabin Pump 1794907,2204435



Introducing the SCANIA Cabin Pump 1794907,2204435, a top-tier product from Hwalung, China's leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturing factory. This cabin tilt pump, designed specifically for SCANIA applications, boasts an installation dimension of 105MM and outer threads of 2-M121.5,M141.5. With a rated pressure of 28MPa, it ensures optimal performance under demanding conditions.

Every material used in the manufacturing of this pump undergoes rigorous hardness testing, and the sealings are temperature-tested before assembly. This ensures the highest quality and durability of the product. Each pump is individually packaged and packed into boxes for secure shipping.

The SCANIA Cabin Pump 1794907,2204435 is available for purchase at Don't miss out on this high-quality, reliable cabin tilt pump. Contact us now and enhance your SCANIA vehicle's performance today!