Experience the Power of the Cabin Pump 21882617,22841213,21831181,21241914,21880299


Looking for a reliable and efficient hydraulic solution? Look no further than the Cabin Pump 21882617,22841213,21831181,21241914,21880299 available at Hwalung. As a leading Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Factory in China, we are committed to delivering top-notch products to our customers.

Our Cabin Pump, with the drawing number HL-B1126C, is specifically designed for Volvo applications. It boasts an installation dimension of 70*30MM and a rated pressure of 28MPa. The OEM numbers include 21882617, 22841213, 12183118, 21241914, and 21880299.

We ensure the quality of our products through rigorous testing. All materials are tested for hardness during manufacturing, and sealings undergo temperature tests before assembly. Plus, each product is individually packaged and packed into boxes to ensure safe delivery.

At Hwalung, we not only provide high-quality products but also prioritize customer service. We have a dedicated team ready to answer your questions and assist with your orders.

So why wait? Contact us at [email protected] or call us at +86-577-62300688 to get your Cabin Pump today!