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Basic steps of Cab pumps,cab cylinder seals check
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Step one: check the oil seal using state prior to demolition of cab pump,cab cylinder.
1. Leak situation: the area of the seal oil, a small amount of oil leakage, a large number of oil spills
2. The sealing region Cleanliness: clean, dust, sludge.
3. Spill point: between the lip and the shaft,the outside diameter and mounting holes, sealing lip, grinding sets and shaft.
Step two: clean the cab pump, check cab cylinder seal area.
1. Check whether there is: the mounting hole chamfering missing, oil seal loose in mounting holes, oil seal skeleton deformation, shaft - hole eccentric, oil packaging oblique, oil seal improper installation, oil seal on paint and other impurities.
Step three:Turn the piston rod to check
1. Piston rod to the amount of exercise, piston rod runout
Step four: If the above also can not determine the oil spill location, inject UV dye into the cavity or spray white powder in the area of the seal, and then run for 15 minutes, then use ultraviolet or visible to check the oil spills.
Step five:Mark the 12 o'clock position in the oil seal, carefully remove the oil seal, check the mounting hole chamfer on the existence of cracks and other defects.
Step six: Check the usage of the seal assembly area.
1. check whether there is: Axis dirty, discoloration of the shaft, the shaft corrosion axis, ablation phenomenon, shaft damage, medium dirty, mounting holes too rough, voids holes or other defects..
Step seven:Check the oil seal
1. The main lip Availability: normal, injury, hardening, softening, impurities
2. Primary lip wear: normal, serious wear and tear, partial wear, not to wear
3. Spring: installed correctly, shedding connector disengaged, corrosion
4. OD: normal, axial scratches, plastic material injury
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